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History of the village

History of Bilga

I put the 2 histories on this page. One of these are from booklet, which i got from Gurdawaara Shri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Bilga, at my visit to Bilga in March 2005. And the second one is from another bilga website (bilga.org). But both of them are in Panjaabi language yet. I'll translate them into english as soon as possible. You know that "Something is better than nothing." But until i am working on translation, please get a help from someone who can read panjaabi 4 u and then explain in english. And if somebody can translate history from panjaabi into english very quick, then please translate them and mail to me via link E-mail. It will be my pleasure to get some help from kind persons. Then i'll put your translation on the website.

Histories are in PDF* format(document).

  1. History from Booklet 
  2. History from Bilga.org


*You don't need any fonts to read the histories. But you need a software "acrobat reader". Most of people have this program allready, and others can download free from Adobe's  homepage. Click on the link & follow the instructions. Get Acrobat Reader.

History of Bilga - 01

Download History_of_Bilga_By_Booklet.pdf

History of Bilga - 02

Download History_of_Bilga_By_bilga_org.pdf