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Bilga Guestbook (send your comments and suggestions)

On this page you may send your comments or suggestions and read the others. We added a new guestbook function, where you may send your comments direct online, withouy any e-mail etc. If you think your opinions or comments should be share with other Bilgias, so just send them via Guestbook or send E-mail. Or If you don't want publish your name or comments on website, then please send them via and mention us that’s a private message.

Ya appreciation J. It's really important thing. I think, "If someone appreciate ur good work, u will do it again & do it better."

Thanx for all your help.

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  1. Kal Sanghera (19-Jun-2005)
    My first visit to your web page
    Hi ,
    Just thought that i would drop you a quick e-mail to say that i was very impressed with your web site. Myself and my two children aged 10 and 6 (both are boys) had an opportunity to see where our family had come from and as of yet they have not been to India.......
    All the best,
    Kal Sanghera

  2. Amarjit Sanghera (17-Jul-2005)
    Nice Work i will try to get more Photo's and Also more Background history about bilga. You can also put link to new hospital being built in bilga.
    A Sanghera
    Message to Amarjit :
    Thanks for your nice mails. You will help to make a Bilga's homepage better. It will be my pleasure to get more information from you and other helpers. You send me new link to hospital, actually this link was the first link i add to bilga's homepage. You may visit the link under section links on homepage "
    http://www.bilga.com/Links.html ". I am looking forward to get more help from you.

  3. Satvir Singh Sanghera ( 12-Sep-2005 )
    Hi there,
    Why do not you add a link to www.bilgahospital.com. 
    This is a link to the hospital that we have been raising money for for several years. I am sure you have heard about it.
    Mr Satvir S. Sanghera
    ICT Network Manager
    Message to Satvir : That is not correct, because the ink to hospital's website had been added to the bilga site from the begining. But it's allright. Never mind. "chalda kadi kadi :)" 
    I m happy to get a mail from Satvir too.

  4. Makhan, Australia ( 26-Sep-2005 )
    Sat Shree Akaal,
    I am Makhan Singh Sanghera from patti nillowaal, Bilga. Living in Australia .
    Will write again

  5. Anoop Singh Bahra ( 29-Oct-2005 )
    I am from Patti Mansoor, Bilga. This is a fantastic website and it brings back my childhood memories.

  6. Narpinder Singh Sanghera ( 09-Nov-2005 )
    This is a very good effort on your part. I just want to add that all our village ( Jalota) in Hoshiarpur District, close to Teh. Dasuya, belongs to Sangheras. History has it that in early 1700, a family of three brothers moved probably Bilga and settled this new village. Among the three brothers, one was killed in war with Afgans and at that time Two brothers and their nephew moved from Bilga.
    Message to Narpinder : (Very Important)
    Will you please contact me again via E-mail.  Because i can't reply you to ur e-mail.

  7. Nirmal Klair, Ldh ( 23-Nov-2005 )
    I appreciate your efforts for such a informative website in bilga village, i belong to patti nilowal of the same village and was looking on the web for some info about my village.
    A great effort and a nice website.
    Best Of Luck
    With Regards
    Nirmal Klair

  8. Neeraj Sunda, Bilga ( 26-Nov-2005 )
    This is Neeraj sunda form patti Nillowaal. I visited your site on BILGA toady for the first time and really i was very very happy to see it. You did a great job.Site was really very good in terms of contents,information ,history etc.
    Keep it Up.
    Neeraj Sunda, Spice Communication Pvt Ltd.

  9. Renu Sanghera, UK ( 27-Nov-2005 )
    Hi, just viewed the website and it looks really good.
    Renu Kaur Sanghera

  10. Jasdeep Singh Sanghera, Asr ( 09-Dec-2005 )
    SSA Bhaaji,
    I was on bilga.com, it is very good. I am from Patti Duniya Mansoor Ki. Bhaaji gurdaware taan hun diwaan saahib vi ban gaya hai, i will send the pictures to you. Changi mehnat kar rahae ho. Good very good.
    Jasdeep Singh Sanghera

    New Year 2006                  New Year 2006

  11. Tarlochan Singh Bilga (Sanghera), UK ( 26-Feb-2006 )
    To, G.S.Sanghera
    Sat Shri Akal Ji,
    I was very very very very very happy to see your BILGA website our village I appreciate your efforts for such a informative I say you did a good job. Site was really very good in terms of contents,information ,history ? etc.
    Tarlochan Singh Bilga (Sanghera)

  12. Gurminder Singh Sanghera, UK ( 17-Mar-2006 )
    Hello there
    I m Gurminder Singh Sanghera (UK- Southall) and was very pleased and proud to see such a well built web site on our pind. Well done for all your hard work and effort, and if there is anything i can do to help please dont hesitate to contact me.

  13. Tarsem Singh Sanghera, USA ( 01-Apr-2006)
    I feel very happy when i read about my birthplace BILGA. You did  preety  job in this website. We really appreciate n proud u. We r always with u.

  14. Gurtarpreet Kaur Sanghera, USA (  03-Apr-2006 )
    Hi this is Gurtarpreet Kaur Sanghera from patti bhoja. I visit your website today really its very very very fantastic. Its awesome. Can u please put some more pictures.... u did a great job.
    Message to Gurtarpreet Kaur : Thanx for nice mail. I will also put more pictures. But I have to go to India to do this. AND it will take time. Otherwise if u or any of ur friend have more pictures from Bilga, then u may send them to me. It will be great pleasure to get help from other villagers(Bilgae waalae).

  15. Dr. Jagjit Singh Sanghera ( 23-Mar-2006 )

    Great website
    I went on your website Bilga.com today and would like you to correct the information with regards to the Bilga hospital. The Bilga General Hosipital Charitable Trust is a UK Registered Charity in May1999 with proper constitution which is followed to the rule. It has 200 worldwide lifemembers with regular monthly executive meetings and AGM. There at present ONLY TWO PATRONS of The Bilga General Hospital, they 1. Mr Gian Singh Sanghera & 2.Mrs Surinder Kaur Shergill.
    You may contact me on my e.mail or phone for more information.

    Kind regards


    Dr Jagjit Singh Sanghera MB CHB UK 1976

    President, Bilga General Hospital Charitable Trust


  17. Narinder S. Matharu, USA (  22-May-2006 )
    Sat Shri Akal,
    My name is  Narinder Singh Matharu, from Patti Bagga Ki.
    I was surfing yesterday internet and find out this beautiful and well done site. I was so impressed this site and very happy which done by from my proud  village's responsible person. I would like to thanks all of people who took parts in this beautiful works.
    Narinder S. Matharu

  18. Rajan Babbu (  28-May-2006 )
    Sat Shri Akal,
    Aap ji di website di jinni tareef kiti jaawae, onni ghatt hai. Par barhi hairaani hoyi kae Panjaab dae most popular azaadi ghulaati Late Ujagar Singh Bilga da is wich koyi jikar nahin.
    *I request to Raajan, so now he will send me a more info about U.S.Bilga Ji.

  19. Harjot Singh Bahra, UK (  19-June-2006 )
    Hi, my name is Harjot Singh Bahra s/o Sawatanter Singh Bahra, U.K. We are from Patti Mansoor Ki.
    I am really impressed by your website and you have done a fantastic job on it. It makes me want to do something for my pind as I have many great memories of my time there as we go every year to visit.

  20. Raj Sangha (  20-June-2006 )
    Hi to all the Bilga wales,
    I just found out about this great website. Just last year my family and i were in Bilga. We had the opportunity to attend Guru Arjun Ji's biggest annual mela held at Pipli Sahib gurdwara and the main gurdwara. I felt so proud of being the daughter of this great well known village. I feel honored that Guru Ji gave his blessings to this village and therefore to all the generations attached to Bilga. Me and my family are from Patti Bhatti Ki (in case anyone has visited Bilga lately, the big gate infront of Pipli Sahib gurdwara is in remembrance of our father,Late Karnail Singh Sanghera).

  21. Sathnam Sanghera (  09-July-2006 )
    Hi there. I like your website - it's very interesting.
    I was wondering whether you had made any progress in getting the two Bilga histories translated into English?
    Best wishes

  22. Deepa & Happy Sanghera (  10-July-2006 )
    Sat Shri Akaal Ji ,
    Hey i am from Pati Bhulai ki in baba ji club. This is fantastic website. I was so happy to see it. We r always with u.
    Deepa and Happy Sanghera

  23. Jaswant Singh Bilga, Austria (  12-July-2006 )
    SSA To all my Punjabi brothers in abrod 

    Its a great honour to us that we have a website of our own for our  mother land. I belong to Bilga. Myself Jaswant Singh Sanghera (presently living in Austria).I am from patti Bhalaai Ki. Now i can tell to my friends about my Bilga through this website. Thanks again for doing such a hard work & nice work, making this website for us. I'll try to bring photos too from Bilga.

  24. Rajbir Kaur Sanghera, USA (  20-July-2006 )

    Sat Shri Akaal Bilge Waleyo
    Gurpreet bhaaji u have really done a gr8 job 4 our village. We were very impressed with the history you have detailed and the pictures you had on the web site. U have rose the name of our village very high in this world. We are really very thankful 2 u. U have done an aawesome job ....lage raho punjabio.....
    Best wishes from Jyoti Sanghera (Pati Duniya Mansoor Ki)

  25. Harjit Birdi, UK (  24-July-2006 )

    Hi there I'm Harjit from uk. 

    I feel very proud to see achivment of my village. I really love my birthplace. and i missing my village so much. 
    Harjit send a mail again 2nd August 2006
    Sat sri akal to all the bilga walays i am Harjit birdi d/o Ujagar Singh Bahara patti bhalai kee near bus adda Bilga. I am setteled here in London for the last 7 years. I visited Bilga 6 months ago with my family. We visited the gurudwara and went to mow shaib gurdwara. My in laws family belong to this village. They all love India. There has been a lot of change in punjab, Bilga has become more like a city with big houses and plenty of shops. We all loved eating out. The food tastes so fresh. I miss my pind a lot. We hope to visit again in the near future. Keep up the good work. Bye for now from London 

  26. Gurbaksh and Dalbir Bassi and Family, UK (  26-Aug-2006 )
    We were very impressed & proud to see that our village has its own website. We particularly enjoyed reading the history about Bilga and Guru Arjun Dev Ji. The pictures taken in the village also brought back many memories. Even though we left Bilga in 1969, for London, having visited your website, it feels as if we had never left.
    God Bless Bilga
    From Gurbaksh and Dalbir Bassi and Family, Pati Bhatti Ki.
    AKA Arjun and Surjan, sons of Gurdit Singh

  27. Paul Sanghera (  10-Sep-2006 )

    Sat shri akal ji pind balyo ki haal aaa tuada iam from piti bhuli ki, do any one have guru arajan dav ji the mala photos pleez sed me ok bye sarya nu sat shri akal bye

  28. Ashwani Gupta (  24-Okt-2006 )

    Sat Shri Akaal ji,

    I am Ashwani (Ashu) from Bilga. I am very impress and proud to see the site of our Great Pind . You did great job.

    With regards

    Ashwani Gupta (Ashu)

  29. Arvind Joshi (  24-Okt-2006 )
    Great Job :

    You have done a great job at this website. Keep it up. It really feels nice to see your village so close when you are sitting so far. Please put some other pictures of the village also.
    Arvind Joshi

    New Year 2007                  New Year 2007

  30. Rahul Sharma ( 18-Jan-2007 ) 
    Subject: GooDy!!!
    Good Job, Well Done!  Quite an Appreciable Task.  I have a friend who knows good Gurmukhi, Shahmukhi and English. I would ask him to do something about the translation of the History, that you have mentioned.
    Till then, Take Care and keep the good work up!
    Rahul Sharma
    Gurgaon. 122002
    Thankyou Rahul..i'll wait a mail from u.

  31. Gurbir Takhar
    February 5, 2007
    Subject : Late Sardar Tarlochan Singh Sanghera

    I am the grandaughter of Sardar Tarlochan Singh Sanghera. My Nana Ji passed away this Sunday, Feb. 4th around 4 a.m. (India's date & time). I think that it would be real nice to have his life story & history added to the Bilga website because he has been a great asset to the village. Three of his five sons and one daughter are here in California, as you are aware, they are Sardar Kamaljit Singh Sanghera, Sardar Pavittar Singh Sanghera, Sardar Parminder Singh Sanghera and Rupinder Kaur Takhar. His eldest son, Sardar Jagtar Singh Sanghera is in Canada with his family. In his last days, his eldest daughter, Sukhwinder Kaur Bassi, I and second son, Sardar Avtar Singh Sanghera were with him day and night for his assistance. If you need any further assistance or information regarding my Nana Ji, please feel free to contact me.


    Thanks in advance,


    Gurbir Takhar 
    Message to Gurbir : I'll do that. Just send a mail with more information.

  32. Ajit Sanghera
    February 15, 2007
    Subject : Great Work


    My name is Ajit Singh Sanghera, my family lived in Patti Nillowall, I live in
    England. I was very very pleased to find your site, I now have somthing to show my 4 year old son Arjun about the Village his baabaa ji came from.You have done an excellent job and it is very much appreciated by those who are else where but still have our orgins and homeland in our hearts. Sometimes to know where you are going you have to know where you came from. Keep up the good work.

    Ajit Sanghera

  33. Amarjit Sanghera
    February 22, 2007
    Subject : E-mail Address listings


    You have done great job over the last few years the website looking better by the day. It’s been some time since i come back onto the website. It seems now people across the world are logging in to see our famous bilga. I am not sure if it’s possible. If you can set up e-mail address book listing by there names and also by village nicknames for the family's for each Patti from the village So we can get in touch with our lost uncle and auntie’s brother and sister across the world who may not seen for many years. I am sure it will nice to talk to some one  we not seen many years

    Many Thanks

    Amarjit Sanghera

  34. Amardeep Sanghera
    February 25, 2007
    Subject : Sangheras site

    hi just came across ur site http://www.sangheras.com  and found it interesting. just wanted 2 add that there are also sangheras in australia and that your picture of the link to bilga is old..bilga has completely changed for the better. You should check it out and then update ur site, anyways it was good seeing a "sanghera" site it pleased me

    Amardeep :)

  35. Gurdial Singh Kundhi
    July 18, 2007
    Subject: Bilga

    I was surfing web and by chance log on for my mother’s birth place “Bilga”. My mother was from Bahra family of Patti Mansoor Ki. When I was teen age boy, I used to go to Gurdawara and see Guru ji’s vesters (Cloth). Your collection reminded my childhood. Congratulation, job well done.  


    Gurdial S. Kundhi

    Chief, Engineering Branch

  36. It could be you, so ...........

    I got a lot of mails in last 1-1½ year, But i was very very busy.. Soon i'll add all of them in my guestbook.

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