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" Waahaeguru Ji Ka Khaalsa, Waahaeguru Ji Ki Fataeh "

(Traditional Sikh Greeting)

Translation of greeting is

" The Khaalsa Belongs To God And Victory BelongsTo Him "


Kidhaan Bilgae waalyo,

Raazi khushi

I will make a hompage about Bilga. It will take me lot of time to put more things about our village. But i'll do my best. Anybody who have the latest news from/about Bilga, are welcome to send the news by mail. I will verify that news & add on the homepage. Or if you have more ideas to do website better, then please mail to me. We can make it better together.

History of Bilga

You can read the history of Bilga in download section. There is 2 histories, but no any bigger difference in both of these histories. Just the history from booklet is explained better than other one. I don't know that they are correct or not. I put them on website because i think, everyone who is interested about history of our village, should have possibility to read the history from anywhere in the world through internet. If you think that history is not correct, then please mail to me, so we can discuss it. Actually that's my reason to make a homepage about our village, so we can share and discuss the opinions online. As i wrote before i'll do much more to do this page better, But it will take long time.............................

Bilga on the map of India

Yes, many peoples will ask that where can I find Bilga on the map of world. But everyone knows where is India on the map of world. So, i put some pictures under Photo Section on this website, where you can find Bilga on the map of India. I put them turn by turn, fx: India -> Panjaab -> Jallandhar. And on the map of Jallandhar you can find the village Bilga. 

Until i am working on my site, you may visit the more links about Bilga from other respective Sangheras. You can visit these links under section Links.


With Love, G.S.Sanghera.

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